How Chapin Industries Group got started

Chapin Industries Group was born in 2013 when its founder, Seth Chapin, was working for NASA at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida. Drawing on the entrepreneurial spirit and technical expertise he acquired there, Seth launched a business with the mission of making a positive social and economic impact.

In the seven years since its founding, Chapin Industries Group has established itself as a leading business conglomerate, with a broad and growing portfolio of interests ranging from ecommerce, IT development, management, resource procurement, and research. Working in more than 35 countries worldwide, Chapin Industries Group is the leader in providing high-tech resources, services and technology to clients in the fields of healthcare, infrastructure, alternative energy, environmental protection, and many more areas.

The secret to Chapin Industries Group’s success comes from its emphasis on customer service and satisfaction. Our team of dedicated professionals diligently work to provide the most effective solutions in areas such as data security, privacy protection, and project management. Their innovative approach to business operations and customer service has earned Chapin Industries Group a reputation for excellence among its many clients.

At Chapin Industries Group, we are constantly looking forward to the future and exploring the potential of advanced technologies to help address the challenges faced by our customers. Our experienced and innovative team of professionals has positioned us as a reliable and trusted partner for businesses and organizations in various industries today.

The focus of Chapin Industries Group is on leveraging technology to build more effective solutions and services that solve the problems of the modern era. As we continue to build on the stellar foundation established in 2013, we are confident that the future holds even greater opportunities for us to make a positive contribution to the world around us.

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Our Leadership Team

Our leadership team that guides all brands that are apart of Chapin Industries Group

Seth Chapin
Seth ChapinCEO / Founder
15 years of experience in the IT sector. Founded Chapin Industries Group
Steven Blair
Steven BlairCTO of Chapin Industries
!5 years of experience working across several different specializations in technology

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