Who is C3.AI and why should you use it?

In today’s rapidly evolving technological landscape, businesses are constantly seeking innovative solutions to stay competitive and capitalize on new opportunities. One such solution is C3 AI, a software company that has emerged as a leader in the field of enterprise AI. With over 14 years of experience, C3 AI has developed a comprehensive suite of AI applications and an integrated AI platform, positioning themselves as a top provider of scalable AI technology.

Who is C3 AI?

Headquartered in Redwood City, California, C3 AI was founded in 2009 by industry veterans Thomas Siebel and Patricia House. Initially, the company aimed to deliver AI software to enterprise clients. However, as the technological landscape matured, C3 AI’s true value became evident in addressing business pain points, such as supply chain disruptions, that have been experienced globally in recent years.

C3 AI’s leadership team, including President Edward Abbo and CPO Houman Behzadi, brings a wealth of experience from companies like Siebel Systems and Oracle. This expertise has been instrumental in guiding C3 AI’s growth and success in the market.

What Does C3 AI Offer?

C3 AI’s portfolio can be divided into three main pillars: AI apps, development tools, and an integrated AI platform. These offerings collectively provide a complete enterprise AI suite that caters to the needs of various industries and functions.

AI Apps

C3 AI features over 40 out-of-the-box applications that cover a wide range of use cases in industries such as CRM, supply chain management, financial services, defense, and more. These turnkey applications provide a key differentiator for C3 AI, as they focus on specific tasks and remove the technical complexity often associated with implementing AI in business processes.

Development Tools

C3 AI offers a range of development tools to empower users, including “Ex Machina” and “C3 AI Studio.” Ex Machina is a visual, no-code environment that allows “citizen data scientists” to build ML models without the need for deep technical expertise. On the other hand, C3 AI Studio provides more in-depth, developer-focused options in a low-code environment, enabling greater flexibility and customization.

Integrated AI Platform

The C3 AI Platform serves as the foundation for developing and deploying AI applications. It helps accelerate app deployment by reducing development time through its unique “abstraction layer.” This layer allows developers to test AI app components using conceptual models, streamlining the development process and enhancing user experience.

How C3 AI Impacts Businesses

C3 AI has made a significant impact on numerous industries, with clients ranging from Shell to the U.S. Air Force. One notable example is Shell, which utilized C3 AI’s predictive maintenance application to support over 10,000 pieces of equipment across its global infrastructure. By leveraging AI-powered predictive maintenance, Shell was able to address issues before they occurred, resulting in cost savings, increased safety, and environmental risk mitigation.

The Future of C3 AI

Looking ahead, C3 AI is constantly innovating and expanding its offerings. The company is heavily investing in generative AI, aiming to revolutionize the human-computer interface by utilizing large language models. Additionally, C3 AI plans to expand its application portfolio, with a goal of increasing the number of applications from 40 to 200 by the end of the year.

Why Choose C3 AI?

As more businesses turn to AI to address enterprise-wide challenges, C3 AI stands out as a top provider of scalable AI technology. The company’s targeted AI applications, highly scalable platform, and commitment to emerging technologies like generative AI make them an attractive choice for businesses seeking to leverage the power of AI. With endorsements from prominent clients like Shell, C3 AI’s claims of being an enterprise-class implementation of AI functionality are further validated.

In conclusion, C3 AI offers a comprehensive suite of AI applications and an integrated AI platform, making it a top choice for businesses looking to harness the power of AI. Whether it’s addressing supply chain disruptions or improving predictive maintenance, C3 AI’s solutions have proven to deliver real value and drive significant economic benefits. To learn more about how C3 AI can help your business, request a free consultation with one of our experts at Chapin Industries Group.

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