Chapin Industries and Urban Networks announce their partnership

Chapin Industries and Urban Networks have now teamed to address global climate and sustainability issues. Both firms are founded on the principles of discovering and sharing technology to address social, economic and environmental issues that are stressing the evolution of the planet. The leaders of these companies are preparing articles for general information concerning global issues. The purpose of the forthcoming series of articles is to provide insight into the environmental problems we face and to identify solutions that represent investment opportunities for the future.

Chapin Industries is a technology company that is focused on partnering with clients to deliver exceptional solutions. As a leader with many years of experience in the technology industry, we focus on designing, implementing, and maintaining critical systems as well as providing on-site engagement. The range of technologies used and implemented by Chapin Industries includes creating XMS/CMS solutions, .Net application development, open source systems such as Linux, cloud-based solutions, green technology and more. Our partners have included Banner Health, Mylan Pharmaceuticals, Cobb EMC, NASA and Children’s Hospital of Atlanta. Recently we have been working with several clients and partners in both the U.S. and Europe on a wide array of technologies.

Urban Networks is a multi-disciplined consulting firm providing services in urban planning, economics, environmental planning, clean-energy and sustainable technology development. In addition to our strategic planning efforts, we have developed more than 50MW of solar energy in the U.S. and are now pursuing waste to energy projects in multiple forms.

Together we acknowledge that obviously no individual has all the answers to such complex problems but there are experts in every conceivable discipline associated with global development.  Both firms have established networks of professionals who can provide the highest standard of service in multiple disciplines and technologies and effectively make these services available to clients when needed worldwide.

Technology today also enables us to be more efficient with our time and resources which translates into savings for the client. It also enables improved communications and the transfer of information for public enlightenment and market deployment. Technology also provides near limitless intellectual capital which promotes state of the art standards for excellence in the delivery of professional services.

All cities throughout the world are unique in their geography, physical form, politics, needs, resources and financial capabilities. Each holds their place in the continuum of urban evolution as it pertains to attitudes, traditions, commitment and capability to address problems related to climate change and the environment

Planning for society in the future is about the redevelopment of our cities and expert management of global natural resources. Whether it concerns sustainability practices, transportation improvements, architectural standards, alternative energy sources, ocean cleanup, reforestation or urban agriculture there are new technologies being developed to address these issues. Our quest is to bring these technologies to the market and help scale them to enable global impact.

About the Authors

Seth Chapin, CEO of Chapin Industries, has worked in various disciplines within the technology industry for over 15 years before founding Chapin Industries.

Kurt Easton, President of Urban Networks, has had a 25 year career in urban planning before founding Clean Footprint a solar development firm located in Cape Canaveral Florida.